Matěj Kubička

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I'm student of ESIEE Engineering in Paris and of University of West Bohemia in Pilsen interested in robotics, embedded systems and in promoting science to the public. What they write about me.


My life in a nutshell

It all begun with childish dream - to build a robot. For me, then six years old, it looked like neat idea. I was really into it, but it usually ended up with a bunch of seemingly great ideas and nothing actually working. Later, when I was fifteen, I had to choose where I wanted to continue my studies. I have chosen field with most interesting name - mechatronics. It may seem stupid, but it was far the best of my choices, as I discovered later...

Studies and certifications
  • Embedded systems and computer vision, Diplôme d'ingénieur at Grande école ESIEE Paris; open since 2011.
  • Applied electronics, Engineering program on FEE, University of West Bohemia; open since 2011.
  • Electronics and telecomunications, Bachelor program on FEE, University of West Bohemia; closed 2011.
  • Mechatronics, School of Mechanical Engineering, Pilsen, Klatovska 109; closed in May 2008.
  • Certificated Science Communicator (Public Information Officer)
  • Certificate Europass mobility
  • 2013 – Winner of Simulink Student Challenge 2012, a world-wide contest for undergraduate students.
  • 2012 – Dean's award for excellent study results.
  • 2011 – Award from my home town, a city of Pilsen, for science-promoting activities.
  • 2010 – Dean's award for study results and excellent bachelor thesis.
  • 2009 – Dean's award for excellent study results.
  • 2008 – Price of The Learned Society of Czech Republic for extraordinary results.
  • 2008 – Honorary member of a Česká Hlavička club.
  • 2007 - 4. place on national level of science fair SOČ with project Robocraner².
Work experience
  • 2012 - Internship at Paris, France - Distributed computing of NXT robots (3 months).
  • 2009 – Working at R&D Department of ZF Engineering company (ended 2011).
  • 2008 – 1-month programming training UNICORN Hatchery (Java, Ruby, Sql, XML, analysis and design).
  • 2008 - Software doveloper position at UNICORN company.
  • 2008 - Intership at Amberg, Germany while working on international e-learning project E-Ants
I have more than 6 years of experience with organizing annual robotics exhibitions "on-street" and managing dozens of volunteers who contributed to them. There were about 20 events, largest of which had well above 200 square meters, with around 20 volunteers on-place explaining the science to public.

Between years 2009 and 2012 I used to work as referee of Techmania Talent program. We were helping talented young students to get both funding and knowledge to fulfill their projects.

As fruit of my activities related to science promotion and of cooperation with Techmania Science Center, I have been given a Science Communication - Public Information Officer certification. Furthermore, I used to be one of the lecturers of following trainings, sharing experience with people interested in promoting science.


CANopen implementation is my bachelor thesis. It is concerned with implementation of CANopen, an industrial protocol stack on CAN-bus. It can be considered as one of the exotic solutions, since it uses special algorithm for raising time-related events (such as timeouts). It uses only one timer/counter peripheral and whence minimizes hardware usage and also enables this implementation to run even on smallest microcontrollers.

Real-time image processing with basic line detection (report) - implementation of complete image processing chain (deriche filter, sobel edge detector and hough transform) on DSP with very long instruction word (VLIW) architecture.

Performance evaluation of two-wheeled balancing robots (project) - NXTway-GS robots put under a series of tests. Real gyro, position and body angle measurements were collected and compared to simulated results.

Using Hidden Markov Models for Machine Learning (review) - A self-study review of Hidden Markov Models and their applicability to machine learning and speech recognition in particular.

Enabling CAN-bus on AVR family MCU's with MCP2515 (tutorial) - how to enable communication over CAN-bus with MCP2515 integrated circuit by Microchip. Source codes and step-by-step instructions are included.

L1/L2 cache memory performance evaluation (report) - Cache memory performance is evaluated on different memcpy algorithms.

Bluetooth v robotice I (CZ) - an article about Bluetooth usage in conjuction with simple robots.

Bluetooth v robotice II (CZ) - as continuation of previous article, this article presents simple two-wheeled robot controlled over Bluetooth.

Simple servodriver (CZ) - rather old and simplistic servodriver design is presented here (available in Czech only).

Návod na stavbu šestinohého robota (CZ) - a step-by-step tutorial of six-legged robot construction from Czech construction kit Merkur (available in Czech only).

Kam kracis robote (CZ) - Popular science article about history, present and future of robots. (available in Czech only)